• Do I need a referral from a physician?

    Referrals are not needed from your physician to request an appointment.

    GHG accepts referrals from both patients and referring physicians.

  • How can I schedule an appointment?

    You can contact the dedicated coordinator at the International Patient Service Center through the following contact methods to make appointments for online or offline consultation.

    • Call us at: +86-13261573865
    • Email: international.service@gobroadhealthcare.com
    • Consult through the official website: www.gobroadhealthcare.com

  • Does GHG medical center treat my condition?

    GHG focuses on hematologic diseases and solid tumors,with the medical mission of treating severe diseases that have proved to be difficult to treat, GHG has brought more treatment options and hope to the vast number of patients. Patients come to GHG medical center seeking a wide range of services for many conditions, from general exams to the precise diagnosis and personalized treatment of common as well as complex diseases.

  • What kind of documents should I bring to my appointment?

    Medical records and radiology images (including written radiology reports) that your local doctor has given you.

    A list of your current medications, and the dosage for each. You can also bring vials, containers or other medication information with you to your first appointment.

    Information about your medical insurance, if you have private insurance.

  • Will I have an assigned coordinator for my entire stay?

    The International Patient Service Center will assign a dedicated coordinator to assist you, providing services before and after your arrival at GHG, making your medical journey smoother and your stay more convenient. The International Patient Service Center can assist you with:

    • Pre-arrival Arrangements

    1. Video with doctors

    2. Scheduling, changing, and following up on appointments

    3. Sending invitations and assisting with visa procedures

    • In-hospital Procedures

    1. Handling outpatient or hospitalization

    2. Financial matters

    3. Local life-related issues such as food and accommodation

    • Post-discharge Arrangements

    1. Processing discharge affairs

    2. Follow-up after discharge and other related matters

  • Where is GHG and how do I get there?

    GHG currently includes seven hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. For assistance with travel arrangements, contact International Service Center or one of our representative offices.

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